Business Growing? Why You Should Be Using a VPN and How to Choose One

5 June 2015
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If your business is growing, that is a great thing, especially if you are expanding to multiple shops. It can become a problem, however, in the way your business and employees interacts with the other shops. Using a VPN can take care of this problem for you and more. Below are reasons why your company should be using a VPN, and how to choose one.


If you have employees that work at home, they can access your network through a VPN. The employee will connect to their local ISP (Internet service provider) as they normally would, and they would establish a connection using the VPN to your company's network. The employee could then browse from their computer as if they were sitting in an office in your company. They would have access to everything you have on your network, such as files they may need to do their job.

If you find a perfect employee for your company but they are out of the state and cannot relocate, it will not be a problem. They can work at home, connect to the VPN, and go to work.


If you have employees that travel, a VPN is very beneficial to them. For example, they may be in a meeting with important clients and realize they forgot an important document. They could use the VPN to get the file they need very quickly on the spot. As long as they have a laptop or a tablet and an Internet connection, they can connect to you no matter where they are located.

Offices out of the Country

If you have offices across the world, each office likely has their own separate network. In cases like this, it would be impossible to connect these offices together into one network unless you had fiber cable running between each one. This would be very expensive to accomplish. Instead, each office can use a VPN to connect to you, as well as connect to the other offices. This makes it as if all of you are working on the same network.

VPN Provider

When you are choosing a VPN service provider, there are features you should make sure they have. They should have an encrypted connection so your files stay safely within your network, and someone outside would not be able to infiltrate your network.

There should also be a firewall for even more security against hackers and other intruders. Unlimited bandwidth is another feature. Without it, connection speeds would be very slow, which would be very frustrating for your employees. There should be no download cap, meaning you should be able to download as many files as you want or need.

Talk with the best VPN service providers before you sign up with one. You should check for these features, as well as the support they can offer you in case you have problems.