Switching To Satellite Internet? Here Are 3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Service Provider

23 August 2018
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Satellite internet has gotten so fast, it's no wonder that people like you are leaving their old services behind and switching to satellite internet plans on a daily basis. But before choosing a new service provider, there are a few questions you should have answered – following are three important ones that shouldn't be overlooked:

Are There Any Service Term Requirements?

One of the most important things you should ask prospective service providers before deciding which satellite internet service to go with is whether there are any service term requirements to abide by. Do you have to commit to a specific length of service (such as 1-2 years) before you're able to cancel the service without a penalty?

And if there is a service length agreement to sign, what is the penalty amount you'll be agreeing to? While service term requirements may not be specified on any advertisements or initial communications you've gotten from a specific service provider, it doesn't mean that there aren't any in place so it's important to ask about them ahead of time to ensure that you completely understand them and that you're willing to abide by them.

What is the Installation Process Like?

It's also a good idea to inquire about the installation process before deciding which satellite internet service provider you want to go with. You may find that one company has a backlog of incoming customers and you won't get your service hooked up for a month or more, while another provider can get you going in a matter of days. So if a timeline is important to you, make sure you know exactly how long it will be before your new service will be usable. You should also find out what will actually happen when a technician shows up at your home to hook your new satellite internet service up.

Will they need to visit ahead of time to inspect your home and figure out where the best place to install your satellite dish would be? Are there any preparations you need to make in anticipation for your installation appointment? Will any holes be drilled in your home to accommodate cords and cables during installation? Before you know about the installation process before it happens, the less unwanted surprises you'll face once the process actually begins.

Are Any Fees Associated With Switching Plans?

One other question that shouldn't be overlooked when choosing a satellite internet service provider is whether any fees are associated with switching plans after you've already signed up for one. If for some reason the plan you initially choose doesn't work out for your household, you should be able to switch to another plan that your service provider offers without be penalized with a fee of some kind. So make sure that the service provider you choose to work with offers free plan changes to help ensure that your needs can be met as time goes on and your family changes.