Three Types Of People Who May Want Fiber Optic Internet At Home

12 February 2019
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When it comes to unparalleled download and upload speeds for your home internet, there's no better choice than fiber optic. This type of internet is exponentially faster than many other plans, and while a lot of tech companies and other businesses have it in their office, it's available in certain residential neighborhoods. If you're thinking about making the switch to fiber optic internet, you should evaluate your download and upload needs. While the average family might enjoy this upgrade, the reality is that it may be more than the average family needs. However, if you're in one of these professions and work from home, fiber optic internet can be optimal.

Video Creation

Many people make a full or partial living from being a video creator on a site such as YouTube. To be successful in this realm, you'll not only need to create good videos, but you'll also need to post frequently. Uploading a high definition video, especially if it's long, can be a difficult procedure for some home internet packages. Doing so can often slow down your home's connection, which may be a problem if you have multiple people on the same network. Fiber optic internet can be ideal, as its quick upload speed will allow you to quickly and easily get your videos live for people to watch.

Financial Analysis

If you work as a financial analyst, you may split your time between a company's office and your home office. This is especially true if you're frequently analyzing overseas markets, which aren't running during North American office hours. You likely have a number of computers analyzing data concurrently, which can put a strain on a conventional internet connection. You'll find that upgrading to fiber optic internet allows you to get the data that you need quicker, as well as not slow down the network for the rest of your family.


Those who work in the music industry, either as a recording artist or as a producer or other behind-the-scenes person, frequently work from home studios. While you don't really need the internet for recording your music, you'll find that you're frequently uploading and downloading large music files to share with other people. If you've experienced the frustration of being in a creative mood and ready to collaborate but having to wait for a long time for a large music file sent from a fellow musician to download, you may want to think about fiber optic internet.

Talk to local internet providers to learn about the home internet packages they have available and if fiber optic is an option for you.