Three Ways To Enforce Parental Controls On Your Internet

7 December 2020
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Having high-speed internet installed in your home and worried about what your children are going to view online? If so, there are a few ways that you can deal with this to enforce some control over what they can and cannot view.

Set Controls On The Device

One way to monitor your child's internet usage may be to set controls on the devices that they are using. There are many parental control features built into the devices that allow you to limit what your kid can and cannot do. 

For example, many devices will allow you to set up limits for how much screen time your child has. You can use this to block access entirely to certain applications so that they cannot even use them, but they remain on the device if necessary. This can be great if you want to allow a child to use certain applications, but cut off access to an internet browser where they can view anything that they want.

Parental control settings on the device can also be used to limit the hours of use. This will prevent your child from sneaking off with a device in the very early hours of the morning or late at night when you are not awake to monitor them.

Set Controls On The Router

The other way to control your child's devices that are connected to the internet is to use your router. Unfortunately, this is more of an all or nothing situation typically, with setting up hours that the device will be allowed to have a connection to the internet. 

You can use this to cut off internet usage to a personal device while a child should be doing something else or even to restrict internet usage as a punishment. Many routers also have their own internet filters that will restrict which website can and cannot be viewed on a device by blocking it before it even reaches the child's device. Thankfully, this setting can be applied to each device on the network, so you can only put the restrictions on the devices that your child uses. 

Talk To Your Child

Of course, you always have the option to talk to your child about the behaviors they should and should not be doing on the internet. By making the rules clear and setting expectations with them in a face-to-face manner, your child may be more likely to listen to you rather than try to go around restrictions that they don't understand. 

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