What To Consider When Comparing Internet Plans

13 January 2022
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Are you currently shopping around for a new Internet plan but feeling like you can't tell what all the differences are between them? It will help to focus on the following things so you can make a fair comparison. 

Download Speeds

Your download speeds are going to drive the main cost of your Internet plan. It's common for Internet service providers to give you a few options for what your download speeds can be, with them often attaching fancy names to their packages with the primary difference being the speed of your downloads. When comparing packages between providers, determine how fast of a download speed you need and compare packages with similar speed offerings.

Upload Speeds

Be aware that your upload speed is not always as fast as the download speed. Many cable Internet providers that get the data to your home through a coax cable are often limited in how fast you can upload. This is due to fewer dedicated data lines being used for upload speeds, with more of a priority on download speeds.

However, fiber internet providers do not have the same limitation. It doesn't matter what data you are transmitting, since it all goes through the same data pipeline. This means that your upload speeds with fiber Internet are often the same as your download speeds. Make sure that you understand what your upload speeds are and if they are different than their download speeds because of this. 

Equipment Rental

Are you going to be using equipment provided by your Internet service provider? Know how much it is going to cost you per month to rent that equipment. If it seems too expensive, look into purchasing your own modem and router so that you do not have to pay an ongoing monthly fee for it. The advantage to renting equipment though is that you'll get assistance troubleshooting the equipment if something stops working.

Rate Guarantee

The price that you pay is only important if it's guaranteed. Make sure that you understand how long the price is guaranteed for and what you have to do to get that guarantee. Is it only good for two years by signing a two-year contract? Will the rate automatically go up after an introductory period? It's always worth looking into the long-term savings so that you are not caught off guard by a surprise. 

Reach out to your local Internet service provider for more information about different internet plans