Need Faster Internet? These Tips Can Help!

16 June 2015
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If you're someone who enjoys using the Internet, you've probably noticed that a slow Internet connection can be extremely frustrating. In a home or office where multiple users are trying to access the Internet at the same time, slow speeds can be almost unbearable. This guide will offer you some ways to increase your internet speeds and make finding what you're looking for online a faster and easier process. Get Rid of Wireless B Devices Read More 

In-House Versus Colocated Servers

11 June 2015
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Many businesses rely on servers to deliver large amounts of information throughout the business and to the outside world via website connections. When working with servers, you have a choice of keeping the server in-house or colocated within a data center. There are pros and cons to each decision, so be sure to weigh your options as you look through a few of the following choice features. The Requirements Of In-House Servers Can Be Demanding Read More 

Business Growing? Why You Should Be Using a VPN and How to Choose One

5 June 2015
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If your business is growing, that is a great thing, especially if you are expanding to multiple shops. It can become a problem, however, in the way your business and employees interacts with the other shops. Using a VPN can take care of this problem for you and more. Below are reasons why your company should be using a VPN, and how to choose one. Telecommuting If you have employees that work at home, they can access your network through a VPN. Read More