Need Faster Internet? These Tips Can Help!

16 June 2015
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If you're someone who enjoys using the Internet, you've probably noticed that a slow Internet connection can be extremely frustrating. In a home or office where multiple users are trying to access the Internet at the same time, slow speeds can be almost unbearable. This guide will offer you some ways to increase your internet speeds and make finding what you're looking for online a faster and easier process.

Get Rid of Wireless B Devices

Check your WiFi devices to find which ones are outdated. Devices that operate 802.11b WiFi are no longer the norm. While they still will work on your current network, they definitely slow down the connection speed for all other devices.

If you're unsure whether or not your wireless device operates on wireless b, check the device itself for the specs listed on the box or the underside of the hardware. The minimum WiFi speed your devices should be operating on is 802.11g. Keep in mind that as technology grows, so will the Internet connections. In several years, you may need to upgrade your devices again.

Get Boosted With a New Antenna

Purchase a new antenna if your Internet speed seems slow or weak. This is a particularly smart step if you notice that your WiFi connection is slow in certain parts of your house or office. A poorer connection on one side of the building is a sign that your WiFi router is not sending a strong enough signal across the space.

Check to ensure that the antenna is compatible with your router before you make your final purchase. If you are unsure on how to set it up, ask your Internet provider for help.

Purchase a Repeater

Purchase a repeater if you're trying to increase signal strength in a particularly large house or property. Repeaters act as extenders for your WiFi signal. Businesses with multiple buildings or large property should consider repeaters a priority to maintain signal throughout the property.

Upgrade the GHz

Upgrade the GHz of your router if signal strength or speed is slow. If you have an older router, chances are that it operates on slower speeds and older technology. Fix the problem by purchasing a router that uses 5 GHz technology.

These routers can send signals without interference from older devices. If you live in an apartment complex or a place where there may be multiple other routers broadcasting, a 5GHz router will provide a stronger signal.

Don't let slow Internet speed inhibit you. Try the steps in this guide to increase your Internet speed. If you still have issues with connectivity or Internet speed, contact your Internet provider.