Three Considerations When Deciding How Much of Your Business's Data Should Get Backed Up at a Data Center

29 September 2016
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Data centers are a great tool for storing lots of data without making your business's building larger or more congested than it has to be. However, due to the high cost of renting space at a data center, it's understandable if you're a little skeptical about signing a contract with one. To help you make your decision, check out these three considerations to make when deciding how much of your business's data should get backed up at a data center.

How Often the Data Gets Accessed Via the Internet

It'll be more expensive to get the data stored if it needs to get accessed frequently by either your business's employees or by users on the internet. However, because there wouldn't be much point in storing data that never has to be used, you might have to accept this disadvantage and negotiate pricing accordingly.

You might be able to cut down the total cost of data storage by going through all your data and only sending out the stuff that hardly ever needs to be accessed. While this could take a long time depending on the size or type of your business, it's almost always well worth it.

How Responsive Your Employees' Computers Are

You can hardly blame your employees for not working hard enough when the computers they have to use run very slowly due to excessive software or data congestion. If this is a problem at your business, you should consider springing for a more expensive data storage plan than you would otherwise.

If you're not sure whether your employees' computers are too slow, just send out a survey via email. To make the survey more objective, you could even set up an anonymous feedback box in your employee lounge.

How Feasible It Is to Get a Data Center Near Your City

While you can certainly use a data center on the other side of the world, it's better to rent space at one that's as close to you as possible. This way, you can go to the data center yourself once in awhile to inspect the room everything's stored in and check up on the security features protecting your data.

You're also more likely to get a good deal on your data storage contract if you can meet with representatives from the company face to face. The closer a reliable data center is, the more reasonable it is for you to seek it out and use it for your data storage needs.